Words from the Seneschal - Happy Gregorian New Year good barony. January has much in store for us this year. First off will be Fighter Practice and Gathering at UMA on Friday the 4th. Hopefully there will be no conflicts in January and we will be able to have all 4 practices. Lord Stephan Vuhs has stepped up to be our Knight Marshall...
Join the Baron and Baroness Gryphon’s Lair and crew of the Jamison as we celebrate a successful year of plundering. I mean acquiring goods from other locations. Come and enjoy a nice relaxing day of learning, gaming, and good company. We will be having classes during the day followed by a potluck soup dinner to round out the evening. The Barony will be holding our Bardic and A&S Championships. Come and display your art and test your Bardic skills with the members of the Gryphon’s Lair.
The peace that has descended upon the Kingdom with the crowning of Their Royal Majesties Yuri and Sumayya is broken by the cries of the populace for Heirs! The people yearn for a continuation to the unbroken line of rulers on the Gryphon Thrones so Their Majesties pledge to sponsor a tournament of untold glory and chivalry, pageantry and mirth! Join Their Majesties and the Barony of Gryphon’s Lair as Crown Tournament is held at the Legacy Events Center.