Meeting Minutes August 13, 2020

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BGL Meeting Minutes August 13, 2020
Seneschal (Michelle): Opening
Rapier Marshal representing Knight Marshal (Otilla): no SCA fighting events to report
Exchecquer (via Rodrigo):
Chatelaine (Rodrigo): Gold key money for loaner garb; Michelle has fabric and will
purchase garment bags for storing loaner garb
Chronicler (Zalkuubar): Release forms have been collected and need to be submitted to
Kingdom. Seneschal (Michelle) requested all forms to her via email to be forwarded and
recorded when applicable.

Virtual Lammastide/Investiture

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The time has come for Their Excellencies Malkin and Owen to take to the seas and leave the Barony in the trusted hands of Master Sionnain and Magnifica Malatesta.

To honor this momentous occasion there will be a virtual investiture, classes, largesse derby, various online activities, and fun!

Please join the Barony of Gryphon’s Lair as we welcome our new Baronage. We’re celebrating 15 years of Gryphon’s Lair as a Barony, so there will be a multitude of activities to honor the Lair:

New website

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We have a new website for the barony due to our previous version of our content management system being phased out on the roadmap. So we have jumped from Drupal 7 all the way to the brand new 9. We have many new exciting features in place and on the horizon so stay tuned! If you have feedback for the website please email the barony


Kamei Kojirou Yoshinaga
Gryphon's Lair