A skill used for hunting and combat that spans almost every culture and persona available in the SCA. We focus on two types of Archery in the SCA target archery and heavy combat archery.

Arts & Science

Recreating the middle ages requires a vast pool of skills. The focus of the Arts & Sciences to focus on the creation of anything that has been used in period practice. From sewing, forging, crafting, and everything in-between or beyond.


This period practice tended to be utilized for making copies of religious manuscripts. In the SCA this are used to produce period peices often presented during court. The three major aspects are scribal calligraphy, illumination and wordsmiths.


Many SCAdian's practice period camping at events that last multiple days often taking it a step further than modern camping utilizing period Pavilions, Yurts, Wedges, and Marquee tents. This often adds to the experience and immersion at events and if done correctly can make you feel that you are in a different time or place.


Dances are documented activities that were important during many eras that the SCA re-enacts, including several where it was expected that noble ladies and gentlemen knew how to dance. Much of a peoples history and culture can be discovered through the study of their dance (just look at Italy and England in the later middle ages.


Fairly frequently we will do a presentation for the general public, known as a "demo." We do educational demos for schools and scouting groups; recruiting at public fairs, sometimes in shopping malls or at community sponsored cultural events, like a First Night celebration or a "Toys for Tots" event.

Food, Cooking & Eating

Always remember that what you eat and how you prepare it is entirely up to you. Having said that...


Chess and various versions of chess, knucklebones, cards, riddling, dice, backgammon, bocce, shinty, nine men's Morris, shuttlecock, croquet, board games, and many many other games existed throughout history for us to enjoy today. Many groups have "Gaming Guilds" where those with knowledge of period games are often welcomed to share their knowledge with others.

Garb and Costuming

What you wear is entirely up to you. There is only one requirement for participation in the SCA: wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing.

Heavy Combat

Heavy Fighting is a unique art and sport. Lords and Ladies of our Society engage in full speed, full force, un-choreographed martial combat. Due to the nature of the armour and weapons, combatants come out of these brutal "deeds of arms" unscathed and ready to do it again. Nowhere else will you be able to enter into contests of skill with the raw intensity that you can in the SCA.


The SCA term Heraldry can mean one of three things...

Music & Storytelling

Associated with entertainment are the Bards, (a term we use roughly to mean "entertainers"). Bards do sing, play musical instruments and such activities, but they also are known to tell stories, recite poetry, juggle, perform magic, and a myriad of other manners of entertainment.


Safety and consideration for our fellow rapier fighters is a foremost concern in SCA rapier play, followed closely by the ideals of Honor, Courtesy, and Chivalry. We utilize various types of metal blades and modified modern fencing gear to recreate civilian combats from the late 1400's down through the end of theSCA period, 1600 (such as Shakespeare chronicled in 'Romeo and Juliet').


Recreating history is a leisure pursuit, but much work goes into the events and activities that we enjoy. Because the SCA is a non-profit organization most of our activities are run by volunteers, and having these volunteers enables the SCA to be an affordable and attractive pastime for everyone. These volunteers are the backbone of the SCA and their service is the framework that all of our endeavors are built on.

Thrown Weapons

The target is a thick stump. The weapons are tomahawks, knives, spears, spikes, darts, and plenty of other items. The unique aspect of thrown weapons is that every weapon is unique.


Young people (those under the age of 18) are highly encouraged to participate with us in the SCA. Events where there is an entrance fee will often have discounts or even free attendance for children under a certain age, and often provide activities that are focused just for younger age groups. Many local groups will also offer children the opportunity to earn recognition for their participation in the SCA through Arts and Sciences, archery, boffer fencing, volunteering and more.

Health and Safety Notice

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.  By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.  You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.