Created by Asgier and Allesandria. Given to the person the Baronage feels shows the highest ideals and values of the Current Middle Ages in the barony. Given for constant and unwavering service, chivalry, and honor allowing the barony to be a better place. Given in consultation with the Crown of Artemisia and only given once per year. This award carries an Award of Arms if the recipient does not have one.
Originally Created by Thorvald and Bianca, founding Baronage as the Lux Gryphus (Gryphon’s Light) it was determined by the College of Heralds that Gryphons do not produce light also the name was improperly constructed for period usage. Don Sionainn Padraig Caimbeul, then called Sextus Papellous Caesidious, is the premier of this order.

Token: A compass rose
Badge: (proposed) Plumetty Azure and Argent, a sunburst Or. /
Plumetty Argent and Azure, A compass rose, Sable surmounted by a gryphon passant Or

Award Image
Gryphon and Compass

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