Ahoy Gryphons Lair! Changes are in the wind!!

Ahoy Gryphons Lair!
Changes are in the wind!!

As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, we look to moving our practice quarters indoors. Stay weather-eye out for any changes in the time and place of our Fighter Practice!

Sea season is winding down and Port season is upon us! To kick off this year's shoreside season, Gryphons Lair will be hosting Crown Tourney October 20th at the Legacy Events Center. Gryphons Lair will be hosting the Kingdom in the choosing of new heirs for the Crown! Please consider what you can do to help make this a GREAT event!

Also coming up, our 12th night event will be happening in January. This event will feature some great classes and lots of time to socialize. There will be a soup feast (donations of soups to share would be great as well). The crown will be in attendance, so bring your banners to decorate the hall and come prepared to have fun!! We will also be holding the Gryphons Lair Bard and the Gryphons Lair Arts and Sciences Champion Tourneys so come prepared to compete!

Owen and Malkin
Baron and Baroness