AHOY SHIPMATES It has been a lively Court Season!

First and foremost … CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle and Andrew, proud parents of the Barony's newes
little mate! May he grow strong and healthy and not keep his parents awake at night.
Estrella ... WHAT A PARTY!! It was a little bit wet and a little bit cold but we all pulled together and made
Coronation!! The crossing was a little rough so close on the heels of Estrella but WHAT A SHOW!! Dead K
Zombies, beautiful ladies, fun tournaments!
On the short planning … please plan to attend Fighter Practices. Our winter site is large enough to allow for
and sciences classes in addition to fighting. There will be a list of upcoming classes. If there is a class you
to take or a class you want to teach … please contact our Mistress of Arts and Sciences. She maintains the li
And on the subject of attendance … the Allthing functions both as business meeting and populace meeting.
is where changes are discussed and decisions are made. You have every right to have your voice heard, but y
have got to be at the Allthing in order to do that. The Allthing is scheduled on the Third Thursday of the
month. Please join us!
In the planning, there are some Kingdom level events that will be coming up for bid. Plans are in the works
on some of them. Hosting Kingdom level events is how we show the Kingdom how we do things in The Lai
Long range planning … The Barony will be hosting the KNOWN WORLD SCIENCES SYMPOSIUM in
June of 2020. We will welcome not just the Kingdom but the ENTIRE Known World to our shores. We are
EXCITED to be able to be selected to host this event! Stay tuned, it is going to be AMAZING
Stay as warm and as dry as you can, Tourney Season is coming ….
Owen and Malkin