Baronial Court

The Baron and Baroness are responsible for running the SCA aspects of the Barony.

HE Owen yBwa apHowell
Mudane Name: Eric Ward

HE Malkin Allardsen
Mudane Name: Jo Foster

Baronial Corner

Baronial Announcement

Their Royal Majesties Timmur And Tianna, have charged Asgierr and I with delivering news to you in Their behalf.
To all of the amazing hopefuls, you have set the standard high for what a Baronage should be. Thank you for being courageous and willing to take the step forward to represent the Barony. Throwing your name in the hat, so to speak, is not easy and often emotional. Vivat Vivat Vivat!
In the end a selection needed to be made.
On January 13th, we will welcome their Excellencies, Owen and Malkin!
We wish them much success and joy during their tenure! Vivat

Unto the beloved and cherished Populace of Gryphon's Lair

Unto the beloved and cherished Populace o Gryphon's Lair,
Do We, Asgierr and Alessandra, send greetings. Please Come out & support the Barony at practices, meeting, activities and most o all

The Baronial Candidate Meet & Greets

Midge Marsh Melee — along with a fabulousevent where will have new Archery & Thrown Weapons Championship tournaments Also there will be one mid month in August & September at practice

With Love and Service to YOU and the Dream,

HE Asgierr and HE Alessandra