Autumn Draws Ever Closer on Slippered Feat

Fall has made its presence known. I write this with the hearth fully warmed and a chill in my finger tips. Coronation is now behind us and Harvest War will be by the posting of this missive. I would like to say a few words about Coronation. Thank You to the crew and my co-steward, THL Michelle. You stepped up and made the event. We had some rough seas with this event but, we weathered the storm. Big shout outs to Andrew of Harris upon York for busting his booty to make things ship shape in Bristol fashion and to Padruig MacTavish for manning the galley. Hel’s arrival and the return of Floki to Helheim were very memorable. It should cut down on the flies that were plaguing events. The Kingdom is again in the hands of Lochlan and Vigdis, who have returned from their “merchant” voyage. Bonus notes, we found the missing “period” shade. It was packed with the Pavilion walls rather than in the shade bag. We also have a griddle top for the stove which will make cooking at events much easier.
Baroness Malatesta answered and was elevated to the order of the Pelican. Lord Kojirou was recognized by the Crown for his martial prowess as a Companion of the Gryphon’s Talon, Lord Vincenzo from BLS was recognized as a Companion of the Flame of Pharos (finally), Baroness Malkin and Mistress Malatesta are both keepers of the Queen’s Confidence, and I was made a Councilor of the King.
In closing of this long winded missive, the Honorable Lady Michelle of Harris upon York was accepted as the Seneschal- elect by the Barony. She will accept the office fully at 12th
Night. Until then I will be working with her so she can grow accustomed to the office. So, this may be the last of my ramblings as I allow her to man the helm and run the meetings beginning in October.
It has been a good voyage.

I remain, in service, unto you all, the Barony, theKingdom, and our shared dream that is the Society,
Master Sionainn, Baron yada yada yada…
Seneschal, Barony of Gryphon’s Lair