The Barony

Midge Marsh has come and gone, The event went smashingly. I have a list of people to thank. This Barony would literally not function without these people. Artemisia is lucky to have you all.
Rodrigo and Shirin, Ai and Tarou, Kojirou and Sayoko, Owen and Malkin, Domnall, Michelle and Andrew, Jaquelinne and Sven, Stephan and Ursula
You folks keep us alive and kicking.
I also want to thank all of the instructors who traveled to help those that attended learn and grow. And all the attendees of the event. You are why we do it.
A special thank you to Baroness Merin, Their Royal Hignesses and Their Majesties. Each of you touch our hearts with your devotion and dedication to us, the people of the Kingdom.
Thank you all,