End of Winter

Greetings to the Barony,
Tis I, your seneschal. With words grand and sagely. Or, just with words at least.
As winter winds down and spring begins to sprang or thoughts turn to the “tourney” season.
What events are you going to this year? Are any long trips planned?
This is where I remind you to make sure your gear is maintained. Armor mended. Tent’s waterproofed.
Gas stoves have maintenance. Your transport’s brakes and oil tended to.
For I wish you all a safe and enjoyable season of bardics, battles and brotherhood. Please make sure
Your gear is ready to go.

I would also take a moment of your time to discuss volunteering. Events do not run themselves.
Groups do not run themselves. If you have time to volunteer, please do. Don’t be afraid to say,
“Hey, I don’t know what I can do but I have a couple of hours, what can I do?”
The Stewards will sing your praises unto the highest of powers.

I would also like to address a matter that seems to be growing society wide. Unwelcoming.
I would hope that we all play with the best of intents. I would hope that anyone visiting our Barony
Would feel welcome. We are all nerdy, geeky, outsiders that play dress up. We enjoy fantasy novels,
Games, and Kenneth Branagh movies. We may not all enjoy the same nerdy things but, we share a
Common ground. We overlap. We are all playing THIS game, TOGETHER, like it or not, you’re stuck with
So, please be patient with each other. If there is someone you don’t know at an event, say hi.
I realize this can be challenging. I personally think the SCA is made up of a lot of introverts trying to be
Extroverts. I myself have trouble doing this. I am socially a Potato. A very busy potato most of the time.
So, I will start with an apology. I am sorry if I seemed to brush you off. I really didn’t mean to. I was likely
Either in process of doing something. Or, simply socially inept. I don’t actively dislike you.
Unless you have given me a reason to dislike you, even that can be cleared up if we can talk about it.
In Service,

Don Sionainn