Frigid Greetings

Greetings to my great and noble barony. The grand feast of Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we dash into the Yuletide season right after. I am one of those non-denominational types wish you all a Seasons Greetings and hope your particular season be filled with love, joy, light and warmth. Winter can be a cold, dreary time. Remember that Spring will come and warm days and pleasant nights are soon to come. In the meantime, lets band together at cozy indoor events like Solstice, 12thNight, and Masked Ball to name a few. Please, remember, if anyone is in need this winter, just reach out to any of us in the barony. We are all more than folks in funny clothes on the weekends, we are a family. This will be my last rambling missive as Seneschal of this Barony.I feel there is much yet to do. I know I did not accomplish all of the goals I set but we are well on the road to finishing them. It has been an honor to serve the barony and I hope that it will continue strong for many decades to come. I remain, in service, unto the barony, and the Dream ~ Sionainn