The Great and Wise.

Greetings to the Barony,
Tis I, your seneschal, yet again. With words grand and sagely. Or, just with words at least.
Spring has arrived in full force once again and Heirs to the Gryphon Thrones acquired. Joyous
congratulations to Jarl Lochlan Bjornson, Prince of All Artemisia and Greifynja Vigdis Hakkondottir
Princess of All Artemisia.
Again, as we all head out on campaigns this summer, please make sure your gear is ready to go. There
are so many fun events on the horizon. Including many right here in the Valley of the Gryphon.
We are working on rebranding our events. Primarily this will be just “place holder” names on the
Kingdom calendar but, will allow more versatility in what actually happens at the event. Some events
just aren’t doing as well as they once did and I would love to see life breathed back into them. After a
brief discussion with some folks we have settled on: January; 12th Night. May; Quest: (Theme of quest).
August; Lammastide: (Specific event). October; Hunter’s Moon: (Specific Event). There are certain
activities that are associated with specific events. These are adaptable. Tournaments can be shuffled to
better suit the events.
One of the biggest shuffles that we are doing is the changing of Investiture back to August.
That one is very set as it depends on the Warrants set by the kingdom. The polling was held and passed
at Quest for the extension of Owen and Malkin’s tenure to allow this to happen.
That said:
Quest is right around the corner. The Diabolical Sun Wu Kong has KIDNAPPED our BARON! We must
quest to defeat his plans.
Lammastide: The Battle for the Bay, Has a new threat to the Barony surfacing its ugly head.
A strong possibility that the Coronation of our new King and Queen will be hosted by our Barony in
Lastly, Hunter’s Moon: Originally we were looking to do a day event called Axes and Arrows.
As we shall be hosting Coronation in September we have decided to table our October event.

In closing, I formally announce the accepting of letters of intent for the office of Seneschal of the Barony
of Gryphon’s Lair. Letters will be accepted through July 18th. With a determination given at the August
Althing. This will allow training and a smooth transition in January. Letters must be sent to Their
Excellency’s, myself, and the Kingdom Seneschal. Experience is not required but some is very helpful.
I will be available to answer any questions as honestly as I can. This is a challenging but, very rewarding
and necessary office. In fact, required for the Barony to exist. I have been very proud to be the keeper of
grounds and keys here at Ogwarts. You all make up a great Barony.
Until next, I remain
In Service,
Don Sionainn Padraig, Baron Caimbeul
Seneschal, Barony of Gryphon’s Lair