Recreating history is a leisure pursuit, but much work goes into the events and activities that we enjoy. Because the SCA is a non-profit organization most of our activities are run by volunteers, and having these volunteers enables the SCA to be an affordable and attractive pastime for everyone. These volunteers are the backbone of the SCA and their service is the framework that all of our endeavors are built on.

Whether it be an event, class or practice, many people will work beforehand to: plan and set up, help during the event; and then clean up afterwards. The level of enthusiasm is apparent in many of our members who serve for the sheer love of what they do. As with many of the more defined activities in the Society, recognition and reward can be had for service, but most are satisfied with the knowledge that their hard work is what powers the SCA and makes it the exciting hobby it is.

Some categories of service are:

Administration - keeping the books, running the business end of things (officers)

Event management - coordination and organization of sites, schedules & activities (Autocrat, Event Steward, Gate keeper, Feast Chef, etc)

Teaching - passing on the knowledge of medieval/ renaissance life in the form of classes and practices (Marshals, Historians, Artists, Demos, and more)

Royalty - Though the pageantry of court looks like fun and games, it takes a lot of planning and preparation behind the scenes and a certain amount of composure in the spotlight. (King, Queen, Baron/ess, etc)

General helpfulness - For every person that's in charge of something there are several others that do the hands-on work. Everything from taking cash at the gate to parking cars, these tasks are vital to the success of the event (set up, clean up, waterbearer, etc).
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