Summer is Coming!

The Barony is now accepting letters of intent for the offices of Rapier Marshall, Knight Marshall, Youth Minister, and Minister of Arts and Sciences. Please send LOI's to the Seneschal and their Excellencies.
Quest has come and gone, it was a fun event. The Barony has new Arts and Sciences, Archery, and Thrown Weapons Champions! Congrats to THL Michelle, Lady Otillia, and Master Azir. And thank you to everyone who tested their mettle in those competitions.
The Barony is now accepting Bids for next year's events. 12th Night, Quest, Midge Marsh, and Harvest (?). I would like to have all of the bids in before the end of the Summer. Not sure what you need to do? Well, we will be holding a Steward's Workshop! Keep your eyes open for the coming announcement of when.
Upcoming events are Midge Marsh/ Academy of the Sword(South), and Fall Crown Tournament.
I would like to thank THL Michelle of York for her donation of a canopy cover in the baronial colors. It looked great at Melee Madness.
I also wish to Congratulate our newest Peer, HE Owen Bwa ap Howell who will be asked to join the Order of the Pelican at Coronation/Harvest War.
Further congratulations to THL Domnall Lunn on his second Grant of Arms as a Companion of the Golden Sun in Splendor, Welcome Commodore. (2 ships)
HE Praxilla for her Gryphon and Candle, Lady Najara and Makoto on their Flames of Pharos, and Lord Rodrigo for his Gryphon and Hammer.
So, in closing, drink lots of water, use sunscreen liberally, and don't forget the bug spray. Have a safe and sane campaign season.

I hope to get these in more timely manner than every few months.
Yours in service,
Don Sionainn