Turning of the New Year

Happy Gregorian New Year good barony. January has much in store for us this year. First off will be Fighter Practice and Gathering at UMA on Friday the 4th. Hopefully there will be no conflicts in January and we will be able to have all 4 practices. Lord Stephan Vuhs has stepped up to be our Knight Marshall.
Then comes 12th Night in the Lair on the 12th. 1000 Eyes will be holding their Mid-Winter event on the 19th and Arn Hold will have their Masked Ball on the 26th.
Come mid January a new edition of the Gryphon's Roar shall be available. These will be coming out Bi-Monthly from THL Allegretza. So, if you have anything to add to the Newsletter get the information to her.
Remember that the Barony is looking for a few good officers. Deputy Exchequer, Deputy Chronicler, Rapier Marshal, and Deputy Knight Marshal.
We also haven't had any submissions for artwork for a new baronial t-shirt. Let's change that shall we?
February bring with it War! Our Baroness is travelling south to join the Kingdom War Bands, do join her if you can. March will bring the Crowning of Floki and Gwen in the Barony of Arn Hold. April the search for new Gryphon Heirs. (Our Barony has put forth a bid to hold this tournament).
In closing, I wish you all a bright and prosperous New Year.

Don Sionainn Padraig, Baron Caimbeul. Seneschal for the Barony of Gryphon's Lair, Kingdom of Artemisia, SCA Inc.