Winter's Passing

Greetings to the Lair!
I will begin with hello. I am Sionainn Padraig Caimbeul (Shannon Patrick Campbell for non-Gaelic speakers). I will be serving the next two years as your Seneschal. A little background for me. This isn’t my first go around as Seneschal for Gryphon’s Lair. I was the premier Seneschal for the Barony when we elevated to the Barony as Thorvald had to step up as Baron. Prior to that I served as drop-dead deputy Seneschal to Thorvald, Brock of Whitby, Yuri the Yakslapper, and Avelyn. Basically for 8+ years. I have also served the Barony as Rapier Marshall twice, Deputy Chronicler, and Herald for about 4 years. I also served the Principality as Drop dead for 2 Golden Wings and then Kingdom as Golden Wing Principal Herald and Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshall. Other officer experience include Crane’s Wing Pursuivant and deputy Seneschal for Sentinels’ Keep and as a Herald at Large and Marshall at Large.
OK, I see that I have a helium hand problem.

I would like to welcome our New Baron and Baroness Owen and Malkin and look forward to working with them. I also wish to extend my thanks to Asgeirr an Alessandra for their fine work as Baron and Baroness over the last two years.
Further I would welcome our new slew of officers. HL Gryff as my Drop Dead Deputy, HE Alessandra as our Chronicler, Lady Kamei Sayoko as Spike Pursuivant (Herald), Lady Najarra as our Deputy Exchequer and Deputy MoAS, Lord Rodrigo, Lady Safyia, and Lord William as our Chatelaine staff, THL Michelle as List Minister, and lastly but not least m’lady Matsumoto Ai (Erin) as our new Chancellor of the Exchequer.
New officers, let’s get your photo and media releases completed so we can get your smiling faces on our website.
I am so looking forward to working with you all with great anticipation.

Yours, in service to our Barony, our Kingdom and our Dream,
Don Sionainn