Young people (those under the age of 18) are highly encouraged to participate with us in the SCA. Events where there is an entrance fee will often have discounts or even free attendance for children under a certain age, and often provide activities that are focused just for younger age groups. Many local groups will also offer children the opportunity to earn recognition for their participation in the SCA through Arts and Sciences, archery, boffer fencing, volunteering and more.

For many years youth activities such as boffer (soft foam swords) archery, crafts, and may other activities have existed.

The boffer program (for example) provides an introduction to chivalric behavior and encouragement of good sportsmanship, familiarization with heraldry, coordination and techniques. The primary focus of course, is safety for all involved.

Youth activities are offered to share and enrich young people's experience in the SCA. Parents are responsible to supervise their children and keep them safe at all times at events. If a parent does not attend events, there must be a guardian at the event that is responsible for their child (and allowed to make decisions in case of emergencies). For this purpose, the law designates anyone under 18 as a child. Misbehavior will not be tolerated and chronically unruly youths may be asked to leave.
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