Son Wukong (The Monkey King) has gravely insulted their Excellencies’ and caused mischief in the lands of Gryphon’s Lair and escaped back to the far east. Their Excellencies’ Owen and Malkin call their greatest champions in their lands to crusade to the east and retrieve the Son Wukong to face justice for his crimes. Come out and enjoy this three day event filled with camping and activities.
Tis I, your seneschal. With words grand and sagely. Or, just with words at least. As winter winds down and spring begins to sprang or thoughts turn to the “tourney” season. What events are you going to this year? Are any long trips planned? This is where I remind you to make sure your gear is maintained. Armor mended. Tent’s waterproofed. Gas stoves have maintenance. Your transport’s brakes and oil tended to. For I wish you all a safe and enjoyable season of bardics, battles and brotherhood. Please make sure Your gear is ready to go.
Words from the Seneschal - Happy Gregorian New Year good barony. January has much in store for us this year. First off will be Fighter Practice and Gathering at UMA on Friday the 4th. Hopefully there will be no conflicts in January and we will be able to have all 4 practices. Lord Stephan Vuhs has stepped up to be our Knight Marshall...