Spring/Summer ramblings My apologies for the way this looks in mobile format. It looks fine on the website. Edit: LoI dates changed to follow Kingdom procedure.

Greetings to the Barony,
Tis I, your seneschal, yet again. With words grand and sagely. Or, just with words at least.

Our peaceful Barony is facing an invasion and the good Baron and Baroness urge all of Their populace to take up arms in the Battle for the Bay! The Cantankerous Catfish is not content to only rule Willard Bay, he wants our baronial lands as well.

First and foremost … CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle and Andrew, proud parents of the Barony's newes
little mate! May he grow strong and healthy and not keep his parents awake at night.
Estrella ... WHAT A PARTY!! It was a little bit wet and a little bit cold but we all pulled together and made