The Kingdom of Artemisia invites One & All to ARTEMISIA XX KINGDOM of ARTEMISIA 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Hosted by the Barony of Gryphons Lair. Friday June 30th -Tuesday July 4th 2017. The site is Historic Fort Buenaventura, located in Ogden, Utah.

BGL Cooks Guild will be held on Saturday, February 25 from 4-7. We will be talking about medieval spices and making spice mixtures to take home. We will also make some custards and play with said spices. All who want to learn are invited.
Please join Their Majesties Floki & Gwenevere, Their Highnesses and Their Excellencies as we celebrate Twenty years of the Kingdom of Artemisia. This auspicious occasion promises a plethora of activities for the delight of all including melees and tourneys for rapier and armored combat; youth activities; a variety of archery shoots; thrown weapons; arts and sciences activities; a Pas d’arms featuring past and present Royalty of Artemisia and more!