Please join Their Majesties Floki & Gwenevere, Their Highnesses and Their Excellencies as we celebrate Twenty years of the Kingdom of Artemisia. This auspicious occasion promises a plethora of activities for the delight of all including melees and tourneys for rapier and armored combat; youth activities; a variety of archery shoots; thrown weapons; arts and sciences activities; a Pas d’arms featuring past and present Royalty of Artemisia and more!

our fighter practice page has been updated with our new location. Fighter practice is officially back on starting Feb 16th. Full details are nowavailable on our fighter practice page.

BGL Fighter Practice 01/26/2017 has been canceled due to water leaking in to the Gym and soaking the ceiling tiles to the point that they may fall in the gym.
Practice Will be canceled until Further Notice.
Your in Service
Maestro Azir de Lucera