The next Baron and Baroness of Gryphon's Lair

Submitted by webminister on Sat, 07/18/2020 - 04:21

Please heed the words of their Majesties:
Unto Glorious Artemisia do We Daman and Veronique send greetings. In the time we have been apart it was necessary to find replacements for the retiring Baron and Baroness of Gryphon's Lair. We thank them for their time and dedication in the position and hope they have a wonderful and well deserved retirement. Once their retirement was announced replacements had to be found. We were most excited to have two wonderful and well qualified pairs put in letters of intent for the position, Lord Rodrigo Castillo de Leon and Lady Shirin Shamsi and Master Don Sioainn Padarig and Magnifica Malatesta Simonetti. We thank them both for their willingness to take up this position. After the polling was complete it is Our decision that Don Sioainn Padarig and Magnifica Malatesta Simonetti will serve as the next Baron and Baroness of Gryphon's Lair. We look forward to being able to make this announcement and oversee their investiture in person soon.

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