Populace Meeting 9-3-2020 at 7pm

Populace Meeting 9/3/2020 at 7:00 p.m.


Sionainn (Baron), Malatesta (Baroness), Andrew (Thrown Weapons/Archery Marshal), Michelle (Seneschal), Zalkuubar (Chronicler) and Luke (esteemed and appreciated member of BGL’s populace).



Solicit for suggestions from the Populace to encourage interaction during online events, promoting participation and suggestions on how to meet while maintaining proper Social Distancing during COVID.


Quest 2021

Michelle opened the meeting by starting a discussion with the attendees at the meeting about Quest for Joan of Arc.  Quest will be one of the first potential camping events, should the SCA return to “business as usual” in early 2021.  

Pro: A camping event would be an opportunity to spend evening hours in sociable revelry after a day of questing and fighting.  A hafla, bardic, and/or Baronial -hosted Social could be included in the event to provide an opportunity to reconnect with friends and chosen family.  Statistically, camping Quest events have more attendees than day events.


Con: Planning to kick off with a large event after the long quarantine may cause us to have to change our plans again if quarantine is further extended. 


How can we encourage interaction within the Barony while meeting Social Distancing?

  1. The Kingdom and Barony have been using Facebook as a platform for sharing opportunities for interaction and participation during and before COVID.   Facebook is an established platform for communicating SCA activities, such as officer/populace/All-Thing Meetings, scheduled activities such as fighter practice, and so on.  


  1. What other ways can we use to communicate events, activities at events, classes, and so on?  Is another way required or necessary?


  1. How can the Barony inspire or motivate local people (BGL) to attend local events (BGL)?  The event steward offered prizes for participation in BGL BINGO (and other online events) at Lammastide, yet no members of the populace attended.  As Baronage, event stewards and as an officer corps, we want to provide The Dream to the people we serve.  What do we need to change so reach more members of our populace?


  1. BGL currently has the same core group of people that regularly participate.  We would like to thank our officers: Michelle, Andrew, Otilla, Jaythyn, Kojirou, Najarra, Rodrigo, Jaquelinne and Zalkuubar for their participation.

Discussion points:

  1. Raptor War was a successful online event.  The Cribbage Tournament was well-attended and there were breakout rooms in Zoom.  This event created opportunities to interact and connect with each other.  What made Raptor War successful, and what could have provided more participation at BGL Investiture/Lammastide?


  1. How do we implement longer-term virtual interaction using existing or current software, such as Zoom, Kingdom Discord or Facebook Meeting?


  1. Posting a link to a monthly calendar with virtual events. Links for local (BGL), Kingdom, and Society-Wide virtual events (Malatesta does this by posting “Known World Entertainment Guide” weekly calendar images on the BGL site.)  Links might not be as useful as a description of regularly-occurring activities, such as Maysun’s Stitchin’ Place.


  1. More advanced notification of activities, calendar events, meetings (officer, populace and all), and so on.  This will give time for people to plan ahead and attend activities that interest them or they discussions where people want to contribute their ideas and suggestions.
  • Bi-monthly “Make and Take” workshops on a multitude of SCA skills.  If there is interest and participation, the workshops may happen more frequently.
    • A “Kit” of supplies and written instructions will be available two weeks prior to the workshop. The kit will contain any specialty items needed for the workshop.
    • The Presenter will post a DIY Video to YouYube (possibly to ARTemisia YouTube) two weeks before the workshop.
    • During the workshop, the presenter will be available to their students, on the presenter’s preferred application (GoToMeetings, Zoom, Discord, Facebook Meetings, etc.).  
    • During the workshop, the student will use a camera or video to display their attempt at the art.  They will share still photos or live video with the presenter to obtain advice on making the project, correcting mistakes, or to answer any questions they may have. 


  1. Luke offered to do a pewter casting workshop when he returns from deployment.  He will be attending a silk banner class with Amtguard.  This is a reminder that many Amtguard and Belegarth courses overlap with SCA interests.  It may be an opportunity to socialize with other like-minded individuals.


  1. Using the free Badge Wallet application for participating in activities at events.  This was used for CoCoVid, which Michelle and Zalkuubar attended.  For every activity during the event, a Badge Code was embedded or provided during the activity by the presenter. When the code is entered into Badge Wallet, the person receives a badge for that activity.  At the end of the month, the person with the most badges is recognized.


  1. Cote du Ciel’s main meetinghouse, the Whittier Center, was vandalized.  The pastor’s car, the newly painted playground, and the building itself were painted with inappropriate language.  It may be possible to assist them in clean-up of the vandalism.  


Future planning:


  1. Known World Science in June still needs a site.  The Barony will proceed as if the event will happen as scheduled, with co-stewards Michelle and Malkin.


  1. The Barony is accepting bids for future (2021 events).  Twelfth Night in 2020 will include Queen’s Prize this year.  As a reminder, BGL’s events are:
    1. 12th Night (January)
    2. Quest (Memorial Day weekend) 2022 
    3. Midge Marsh Melee or Lammastide (August)
    4. Harvest Ball (October)


Health and Safety Notice

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.  By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.  You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.