Meeting Minutes 10-8-2020

Officer/Populace Meeting of the Barony of Gryphon’s Lair 10/8/2020


Attending: Sionainn/Baron-Guy, Malatesta/Baroness, Hilda, Michelle/Seneschal, Andrew/Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal, Hilda/Deputy Exchecquer, Alessandra/MoAS, Zalkuubar/Chronicler, Fiametta, 

Absent: Shirin/Exchecquer, Rodrigo/Chatelaine, Jaythyn/Knight Marshal, Kojirou/Webminister, Otilla/Rapier Marshal


Meeting began at 7:36


October newsletter published last week/early this week.  40 pages, 6 contributors, 9 articles.  December newsletter will be about “How your Persona would celebrate Winter Holidays.”

Michelle: I will be forced to do persona research; I can’t just wear 14th century and claim to be a 16th century persona. Every officer is welcome to write a blurb about what is happening in their office.  If you’re new to your office, introduce yourself. 



MoAS, our artisans are amazing.  We had to reschedule “Flowers by Formula” due to computer issues. Coming up this month is HE Malatesta’s wire rings class on 10/20.  11/3 Michelle’s block carving.  11/17 Flowers by Formula. Winter gathering getting a lot of response, put a disclaimer for non-BGL. “Spook-A-Misia” Held by Fia and her clan.  Needleworkers will have a virtual November meeting.  Meraud plans to get Cook’s Guild meetings to start up again.


Milady Hilda: 

Hilda is the deputy Exchecquer. Introduction.  New to SCA, looks like something I’ll really enjoy.

Michelle: at my first event, I was deputy exchecquer and stayed that way for 3 exchecquer s and it’s cool because you get to sit at troll and meet people as they come in.



First projected in-person event will be a Crown Tournament on the second weekend of march.  This differs from the normal calendar event schedule.  Slated for the south, so it will be down here.  Crown Tourney in the morning; the Prince & Princess will hold that position until April weird event/hybrid.  Coronation in morning, old Crown will step down, new Crown Tourney in the afternoon.


Soinainn introducing Eys Galster’s Baronial Bardic proposal: 

Virtual Bardic competition. Not associated with the event. Record a video, put it on UT.  Judges will watch.  A presentation on Friday or Saturday evening as MC, will run videos individually.  Winner will be announced virtually.  Something like “American Idol”.  Categories are being discussed.  Will be based on, extra points for period piece, highly encouraged to perform in garb, backdrop or decorations will add to ambience.

Eys Galster’s full Baronial Bardic proposal:

Okay, so the basic idea is that we would have this happen the night before the barony's 12th night event this would also give the baron, baroness, and if needed myself time to decide on a winner before court during 12th night.


This would be a broadcast kind of like those telethons where people would try and convince you to donate to some charity. However, the purpose of this is simply to entertain the barony's and kingdom's populace.

Once approved I would announce in both the kingdom and baronial Facebook pages that an event will be happening and that those with bardic abilities are invited to participate. They will need to submit a video (5 minute or less) of them performing something involving the bardic arts to before midnight on December 30th. We will compile these videos into a list and broadcast the night before twelfth night having the current baronial bard host and mc the event and announce each piece.

There will be three categories for the performers to choose from.

Category 1: Mundane: this can be any sort of mundane bardic art/ piece dressing in garb is still strongly encouraged and the category is open to anyone in the kingdom.

Category 2: Period: this is for any period art/ piece and can be performed by any member of the kingdom. Dressing in garb is strongly encouraged.

CATEGORY 3: COMPETITION: this is only available to members of the Barony of Gryphon's Lair and will be used to select the new baronial bard. Mundane or period pieces are allowed, however, period is strongly encouraged. Again dressing in garb is encouraged.

While doing the event we could decorate somewhere to look more period and of course have anyone who is on camera during the broadcast be in garb.

Sionainn has skulls (instead of pearls) on the Baronial Coronet.

Michelle: Please participate in the workshops.

Baroness Malatesta: 

Enjoying the seaside.  Internet connection is intermittent.  Would appreciate if we discussed Known World Sciences.

Michelle, Seneschal Report:

We are going to host Known World Sciences and probably have a site; site should be reserved 11/2.  Known World camping event held at KWS, hosted by BGL.  Pretty exciting, I think.  COVID has made scheduling this event very difficult.  If you want to teach a class, get hold of Prax; she is the class coordinator.

Tote bag contest! Fun fundraiser starting in January, tote bags, contest.  Give us some good artwork, make it fun.  “2020 the SCA year that wasn’t.”  Make it fun, send it to the Baron, Baroness and Seneschal who will select their favorite to be put on the tote bags.

Investitures will be stand-alone, so we will not be working with Bronze Helm for 12th Night, which is cool.  There is a rumor of a large event, likely run by Arn Hold.  Please offer to help.  I will be working with BAH’s Seneschal to coordinate asking for help and offering help.

Need to speak to Meraud and Andy; their bids are rolling over for next year (Quest and Lammastide.)  

Still need someone to bid for Harvest Ball/Harvest Moon which is our thrown weapons and archery event.  Michelle has ideas for sites to hold the event. It’s not scary to be an Event Steward, lots of people have experience and can help you.

Twelfth Night 2022 is also open for bids.

We have time to make these events really awesome.  I have lots of experience doing events and would be happy to help.


What site are we hoping to get? (For Known World Sciences)


We are hoping to get Weber Memorial. The whole camp site has been remodeled.  


Each site has electricity.  It should be idea for a sciences event; perfect for astronomy; no light pollution.  This is happening in June.  It’s a beautiful site.  I miss having Quest up there.


As long as it doesn’t snow.


I have a camper trailer.  Rain and snow mean nothing to me.


Open offices: Youth, Chatelaine, Social Media officer badly needed.  We could really use the help of a Social Media Officer to promote things going on.  Volunteers are what keep this organization running.  Does anyone have any questions?


Can we get a pony?


Everyone can get two ponies.

William (via chat): 

When do we get Fighter Practice? Arn Hold is having practice 


We cannot do fighter practices. No in-person events in Gryphon’s Lair in the foreseeable future.  In case you didn’t hear it earlier, we are having a surge in numbers. 


What you do with your time in your backyard is your own business.


We do not currently have a facility to hold practice at.  The school is not available due to COVID.

Kojirou/Web-minister: Nothing to report.


Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy.  Bye.

(farewell/goodbyes around)


Meeting ended at 8:03 PM


Health and Safety Notice

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.  By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.  You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.