Words from the Baron and Baroness of Gryphon’s Lair-May 2021

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Words from the Baron and Baroness of Gryphon’s Lair, Sionainn and Malatesta

Spring has sprung! The days are getting… warmer, colder, wetter, snowier, sunnier, all at once. We welcome spring to the Rocky Mountains once again. And, with treatments by the apothecaries being spread to the populace hope springs eternal in the human breast once again.

We look forward to being able to gather once again this year.

Quest will be a virtual pilgrimage.

Lammastide should be in person! And we are planning a great day of activities, & tournaments. Still not 100% on the location, we are hoping that camping will be available to those that wish to stay over even though we can’t have camping events. We really look forward to getting together again. Are we going to have court business to get through… We hope that the coming season finds you all healthy, safe, and sound.


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