Quest Clues

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This is the Scavenger Hunt portion of Quest.

Each scenario describes a Pilgrimage.  The pilgrimage description will provide additional clues about the scavenger hunt item.

The clue hints at an item, symbol, or object that is part of the pilgrimage and also exists in the real world.  Each of the items are/were common in both the modern and the medieval world.  Your requirement is to take a picture of the item. When you take the picture, please include one member of your Questing team.  (Selfies meet the Quest team member requirement.)  Please remember to be safe and practice safe social distancing.


Scenario: The historic scenario describes a pilgrimage to Saint Maria Maddalena.

Clue: The clue talks about Mary Magdalene and about the reliquary that looks like golden hair with a window so you can view her skull.  You determine that the skull (of Mary Magdalene) is the answer to the clue.

Picture: You do not have to take a picture of the skull of Mary Magdalene.  Instead, take a picture of any skull.   You can find a skull on a poison label, an album or CD cover, maybe a tattoo, Halloween skulls, and so on.  The picture would be you holding your skeletal Halloween decoration.

Waymarkers are in the Latest Roar Newsletter found here:  


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