Meeting Minutes 10-13-2021

Baronial Business Meeting 10/13/2021

Start at 7:36, end at 8:20

Attending: Malatesta (Baroness), Irou (), Sayoko (Herald), Michelle (Seneschal), Tilly (Rapier Marshal), Sionainn (Baron), Kojirou (Knight Marshal), Richeza (MoAS), Zalkuubar (Chronicler)

Michelle/Seneschal: Welcome and I’m happy to see so many officers. Introduces herself.

Sayoko/Herald: October had no submissions, no returns or anything. Office is quiet. In August, I turned in badges for Kojirou and a resub for Matsumoto

Michelle/Seneschal: Any movement in the Herald’s office is good movement

Tilly/Rapier Marshal: We don’t have many fighters, no injuries, no problems; Nathaniel every week. Urging him to input a LoI for Marshal. Nothing new. Will be taking time to go through gear to make sure everything is set for next marshal. We need a new bag for the armor and a golf bag for the loaner weapons.

Sionainn/Baron: Suggested to input a financial request for a canvas bag or box for rapier equipment.

Michelle/Seneschal: If you’re interested in rapier, get hold of Killian and he can get you authorized as a marshal and then we can have more rapier fighting (yay!)

Sionainn/Baron: I can authorize you. (Discussion about Master of Defense)

Kojirou/Knight Marshal: Quite a bit of movement in the KM front; policy changes are coming up. Discussion of changes – the BOD passed the new board resolution with proof of vaccination/negative COVID test result (posted on ) for every activity to participate in SCA functions.

Michelle/Seneschal: We must have Contact Tracing at every event. More to come; it is not optional. Children must/should wear masks. Full policy on Kingdom Facebook site.

Kojirou: Location of winter fighter practice. It is very difficult to obtain a winter site. A lot of the locations get nervous about COVID, liability; we have leads, but do not have a site. UT Military Academy might be a possibility. We have decisions to make so we can continue having practice. Options are: #1 Change to earlier time slot (don’t play in the dark), #2, We can change the day to a weekend and change the time slot to afternoon, #3, Cancel winter practice until we have a location. Do we have enough support to pay for an indoor winter practice site.

Michelle: Sionainn will inquire if Military Academy is a possibility and then we will poll the Baronial populace.

Kojirou: We want everyone to know that they have a voice.

Sionainn: I will be meeting with you (Kojirou? Michelle?) before noon taking time off work next week. I will go to the Military Academy cafeteria. Based on past experiences, there will be a time change.

Kojirou: Summer site. I feel comfortable and confident that Lorrin Farr park has worked out well for us. Many people inquiring and willing to suit up and check things out. If everyone is feeling confident about is polling to see if the populace is interested in continuing at Lorrin Farr park.

Michelle: Great parking

Tilly: until the rodeo comes to town

Michelle: Days of ’47 Rodeo

<discussion about Rodeo/Practice for Summer 2022.>

Irou/Social Media: Not much to report. Facebook page seems to be going well/smooth; haven’t had to mediate (which is nice). Events are posting smoothly. Debuting tomorrow at Lair Night, I am making the Barony a TikTok page to get the word out differently. I’ll start having fun with that, expect to see me dancing with a camera.

Zalkuubar/Chronicler: Newsletter nearly finished

Richeza/MoAS: Introduction, 10/23 workshop on Japanese clothing at a Davis County Library. The Japanese clothing workshop has a springboard to making basic fighter garb. Another thing at Axes and Arrows, I found myself with new people asking questions. We used to have a sewing group called “Garb Gals” then “Garb Gals and Guys.” We would get together and work on Royal Garb, or a theme – like Vikings or Persian. I would like to do more of that kind of a Northern Utah unofficial group and hosting in different locations in Northern Utah (Provo, Ogden, SLC, Logan, etc.) Looking at starting it during the summer with virtual A&S Nights during the winter. I’m jumping in with both feet trying to get arts going here and so on. If I step on anyone’s toes on the way, I don’t mean to. I’m coming in with fresh ideas and going from there.

Michelle: Sionainn can stay on as your deputy so he has time to learn the office and help out.

Baroness Malatesta: be patient with everybody as changes come through. Remember we love you and want to be with you, don’t take any push-back personally.

Baron Sionainn: Go to Crown Tournament, help support the Barony of Arn Hold. I won’t be around a lot; I had to take on a second job. Looking forward to Candlemas. Looking forward to finding out who the next Prince & Princess are. We’ve been told as a Barony to make some changes for the Kingdom. That will happen under the new Crown and will answer some of our questions so we can forward that to the group. Encourage everybody to come out to the meetings and practices and events. Toys for Tots (AF), Baronial Birthday (BoTE), and Solstice (BLS). We follow up Jan 8 in Bronzehelm’s 12th Night and our Candlemas Jan 15.

Seneschal: The Kingdom has taken Memorial Day weekend from BGL to have Competition and Collegium. We had an event a few weekends ago, Axes and Arrows, TY to Zal and Eys. It was so much fun; I love that site so much. Next time, we need to have a bonfire in the big pit by the pavilion/bowery. It was great; can’t wait for next year. Open offices: Seneschal – I will stay on until Candlemas (Legacy Event Center, Building #2) because: tradition; we need a Chatelaine as the contact for newcomers, organize demos, and talk to people; Youth – we always need a youth officer and youth combat; Rapier, obviously. We have an event upcoming – Candlemas in January. Event Stewards are Irou and Lucas; I believe the paperwork has been approved by Kingdom. It will be a Japanese Candlemas. Kojirou will teach a fighting class; the Needleworker’s guild will teach embroidery; fundraiser is a tea ceremony. Let’s put on our Japanese finery and celebrate the event and event stewards.

Health and Safety Notice

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.  By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.  You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.