Meeting Minutes November 10 2021

BGL Officer Meeting Minutes 11/10/2021

Attending: Michelle, Richeza, Zalkuubar, Sionainn, Malatesta

Start: 7:34 End: 

Michelle/Seneschal: Welcome

Richeza: Reaching out to AF, CdC, BLS to work together to help each other build numbers back up.  During this process, considered doing A&S over Zoom. Can the Barony pay for a Zoom, or does it have to be done by an individual? Do not have the form to submit reports; due next Wednesday.  Michelle will send reporting form for MoAS to send to Seneschal.

Kosode Class: Recorded, Kojirou has uploaded.

Discussion: (Michelle) For business meetings, we are asked to do Zoom meetings on an official channel

Sionainn: This has been voted on and approved. Who sets that up? Drey? Not sure yet. 

Michelle: Consult with Drey/Kojirou to get Baronial Zoom set up.

Michelle: Excited for things to be happening again.

Kojirou: Knight Marshal. Potential sites: Trinity Presbyterian & First Presbyterian churches.  Working out paperwork to determine rental fees. Hoping to have two bids to submit to financial committee for fighter practice. Webminister: Candlemas is on the website.  MoAS email sorted out.

Seneschal: Sounds like you’ve been very busy.  I’m excited about the idea of new fighter practice sites.  Also consider North Ogden Senior Center, or if it is affordable; it may be a potential option.

Zalkuubar: Chronicler: Japan newsletter featuring ceramics and Onna. Deputy Seneschal: Ezra and his wife have been reaching out for donations for T4T, over 200 points worth so far.

Malatesta: Excited for T4T and for Mei Lin and William and their donations.  If you need delivery, contact someone who can deliver toys to the event.  One of my favorite events. Thank you, Richeza, for getting Zoom going.

Richeza: when all the MoAS for the four local groups are really excited about working together and doing artsy things.

Malatesta: Thank you for stepping into the office and for what you’re doing. I missed the tea class; I hope it was recorded.

Sionainn: Do we have a NEW site yet for Candlemas?

Michelle: Davis Event Center is not renting out due to COVID. We have a couple options for a site, the event will happen, but we are back to finding an event venue.

Sionainn: UT Military Academy, they would like us to pay $20/week to cover electricity and heat.  We are welcome Thursday or Friday nights, whichever is better.

Michelle: do they have January 15 free on the UT Military Academy free?

Richeza: It is near to where I live; I can go talk to them. I am offering if it will be helpful.

Michelle: We were scheduled to hold an event there in 2020 – Crown Tournament – but COVID hit.  It would also be a good excuse to make cool wall-hanging stuff.  

Sionainn: I need to talk to the director to find out what we need to do. I just need time and health to do it. Asked Exchecquer and event stewards for Candlemas to come to the Officer’s Meeting.

Michelle: Apologizes for mix-up with meeting

Luke (Event Steward): We don’t have anything set in stone; finalizing location.  Original venue is not available until May (Legacy Center). We are trying to get in contact to reserve sites; several possible locations.  Irou (Co-Steward) has potential event site in Evanston.

Kojirou: Thank you, Michelle, for the work you’ve done. Nobody has had to deal with COVID before and I think you did a fantastic job.

Next meeting on December 8th. Michelle will set up the event today.


Health and Safety Notice

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.  By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.  You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.