Meeting Minutes 12-08-2021

BGL Officer's Meeting 12/8/2021

Attending: Malatesta, Richeza, Rodrigo, Michelle, Shirin, Zalkuubar

Conducting: Zalkuubar

Richeza (MoAS): Not a lot going on for December. Try to get a hand-sewing class between now and Candlemas. When we did the kosode class there were questions about types of hand-sewing. Tryingto schedule around events and holidays. Most likely in Davis/Weber county libraries. After the holidays, I expect to be able to have more activities. Later January, into February. Will discuss on MoAS group.

Zalkuubar: Do we have a site? Finalizing; talking in financial committee. Pushing thru this week. Ascension Lutheran or UMA.

Michelle: hope to host needlework gatherings. So many projects.

Shirin and Rodrigo: What's going on with the Candlemas site? Kingdom Calendar

Michelle: Baronies are being reduced to 3 events, calendar being juggled. Quest date change for 2022; we chose June 25th. Always looking for officers and deputies. Barony always needs help; we need volunteers. After Solstice I will need help on A&S and organizing classes. Help is desperately needed and appreciated.

Richeza: Willing and able to help. Do you have classes planned?

Michelle: Sashiko embroidery; games corner; Satake Naname will teach Pitch Pot and other games;

Zal: Food restrictions and Tea Ceremony

Michelle: Are we in the "go"? The fundraiser is purchase a box to follow along with the tea ceremony. Event Stewards will demonstrate. If you buy the box, you have materials for 4 people to follow along with the demonstration. Next week I will have a final answer for Kingdom if we can do a follow-along tea ceremony. Not a lunch; should not be a problem.

Richeza: Is the food restriction an SCA, state or local thing?

Michelle: Because of COVID restrictions, we cannot provide prepared food. It must be prepackaged food and drinks.

Malatesta: Thank you for continued support. Three events chosen: Winter (end of Jan/first of Feb), Quest type event (undetermined date). Investiture event in August.

Richeza: (Discussion with Michelle and Malatesta) Lammastide will be Investiture and held at Weber Crossing site.

Malatesta/Michelle: Any questions to clarify?

Richeza: Outdoor events are they camping or day events?

Michelle: Depends on which weekends and bids

Gryphon's Lair East (Evanston) Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival on March 18-19; 1450-1500 W. Main St., Evanston, WY 82930

Michelle: blue/white panel and another set of 10x10 walls that Prax block-printed for Demo

Richeza: Ghengis Khan exhibit in Idaho.

(discussion about demos and set-up)

Michelle: Last year, Kingdom petitioned the BoD to officially dissolve the group. All of their money voted to go to BGL. Michelle reached out to Kelson, social media officer. Currently, they are "foster" group to BGL. They were Otherhill.

Richeza: Any ideas for activities, classes, please suggest them

Malatesta: We are going to have Lair Nights; did you want to have classes at Lair Nights?

Richeza: Thanks for the suggestion; I can look at setting up classes; that would make it easy.


Addendum: Lair Night begins 12/16 from 6-9 PM at the UMA in Riverdale.




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