Meeting Minutes 2-9-2022

BGL Officer Meeting 2/9/2022
Conducting: Zalkuubar
Knight Marshal/Web Minister: Kojirou
Reeve: Richeza
Social Media Officer: Irou
Baron Sionainn
Baroness Malatesata

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes



Present/Not Present




Knight Marshal

Kojirou/Accepting Bids


Rapier Marshal

Otilla/Accepting Bids


Deputy Rapier Marshal



Archery Marshal



Thrown Weapons Marshal

Accepting Bids








Minister of Arts and Sciences

(ACTING) Malatesta/Accepting Bids



Kojirou/Accepting Bids


Social Media Officer

Irou (E-row)



Accepting Bids


Youth Minister

Accepting Bids



Accepting Bids



Seneschal: Welcome

Knight Marshal: Recently had time off due to COVID; tentative tomorrow; voted by KM; Seneschal; Baroness. Lair Night wanted to remind of Kingdom Policy, providing negative COVID test or proof of vaccination; one person checking names other person checking vaccination

Rapier Marshal Otilla, not present

Rapier Marshal Deputy: Jaythyn, not present/excused

Archery Marshal: Accepting Bids

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Accepting Bids

Herald: Sayoko, present (nothing in January) December: 3 submissions: resubmission for device for Motsomoto Eyes, Mons/name submitted for CdC

Exchequer: Richeza, present. $14,463.67 in account; Loss of ~$1,300 last year, $500 for chairs (preapproved), Lammastide Event cost $600 for site fee; Starter budget sent to officers for supplies, etc, for the office. List what we know we need for 2022. Will discuss later for meeting.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: (acting: Malatesta). Cook's Guild for A&S last month, history and discussion of Mochi. Working on individual projects. Mst. Rebeccah will start teaching in March. (Richeza: Scribal demos in the libraries starting in March)

Webminister: Kojirou Officer emails sorted out now. All appear to be working. we had a minor glitch on website with PDF not opening up. Open offices can be forwarded to another email or Kojirou can be monitored.

Social Media Officer: Irou - everything has been smooth. Have not had the pleasure to disrupt verbal conflicts on FB page. TikTok profile is showing steady growth.

Chronicler: Accepting Bids

Youth Minister: Accepting Bids

Chatelaine: Accepting Bids

Baroness Malatesta: Thank you for taking care of each other. good job, taking care of each other; appreciate it

Baron Sionainn: I want to finish working on the heraldic submissions for the Barony with Sayoko so we can put them out to the Barony (here) or the other people being involved to work on badges for awards we are working on. Did we ever get the paperwork in for the Paladin? Sayoko: I think we submitted/will look up.

We need to write checks for stuff (Heraldry). Glad everyone is alive and safe and healthy. Please stay that way. Go team!


  • Open Offices: Minister of Arts and Sciences, Youth Minister, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Rapier Marshal, Archery Marshal

  • May quarterly "Just Joan" has been complete since Quest 2021 was canceled. Information is contained in the newsletter that is applicable to Quest. Another quarterly newsletter is not due until August.

    • Dame Meraud: Fighting scenarios in the morning, Quest in the afternoon; tentative schedule with the original bid. Please let me know what the plan for that is. Fundraiser is "snacks"; a variety will be provided. Donate snacks/purchase snacks. Chips, water, Gatorade, cheese sticks, etc.

    • Volunteers for stations will be needed. At least one rapier, one heavy, and others. Will talk to Kingdom Seneschal about cheese tasting station.

    • Site tokens: Joan was burned at stake. Shrinky Dinks in the shape of Calcifer. Will come to FP/Lair Night with pictures of Calcifer to be colored with markers.

    • Site is Rohmer Park. Inexpensive, instructions are in the article. Low site fee of $5. Spoke with Zalkuubar about a minimum site fee; Kingdom Exchequer confirms it is not written into Kingdom policy to have a minimum site fee of $10. Minors are guests of Barony, Member $5 discount of $10 site fee.

    • Fancy/Formal invitations made at Lair Night

    • Pool Noodle Heraldry involved in wacky weapons tournament? Hobby Horses are being used.

    • Kojirou: Can Bardic Competition be at Quest? Maybe a BYOB Picnic Lunch with Bardic? HE Malatesta will bring fire extinguishers for "build a fire station".

    • Sionainn: Can Arts and Sciences Competition be done at Quest? Meraud agrees.

Richeza: Can we have Baronial A&S *and* a thematic display

Kojirou: would be happy to assist with Bardic competition

Kojirou proposed adding Heavy, Rapier tournaments as well

  • Will look for volunteers at end of April

  • TBD Scribal Demo at Davis County Libraries with Dame Meraud

    • "Beyond Books" program; going through lawyers on 2/9

    • First one 3/1/2022 in Syracuse

    • Advertising flyer on Publisher (leave space for disclaimer on flyer) which will go on the website

      • Setup at 6, clean up at 8:30

      • What we are doing (who we are)

      • Pretty pictures for attention

      • Examples of completed work,

        • "Try It" station with live artist working on project


  • Demo "Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival" on March 18-19. We will have a 10x20 space.

    • Set-up & Tear-Down

    • Staffing the Demo Table: Zal & Richeza

      • Live art demonstrations:

        • Celtic Knotwork illumination

          • practice pre-printed knotwork art for painting (gouache, brushes, water, pipette)

        • Weaving (small loom, inkle/tablet)

        • Table Games: 9 Men Morris, etc.(Sionainn has games)

      • Art display

        • Celtic Books (fables, art, culture, etc.) (see Sionainn)

        • Irou has red plaid cloth

        • Scroll from HE Sionainn

      • Garb display

        • Thorvald's shirts: tablet woven trim, embroidery

        • Ross clan tartan from Irou

        • See Sionainn

      • Armor display

        • Thorvald's chain mail & helmet

      • Irou - in charge of fighting and demos

        • Did you confirm SCA's vendor reservation?

  • Fighting demos - we have not had any light fighters before. They tend to work combat demons into the schedule; outside scheduled times we can cordon off a space for combat demo - we used people holding marshal poles separating the area. Ask about stands for ropes

  • Generally set up in the Roundhouse, there were four large pillars with 10' between each pillar

  • Sionainn: Can we get orange square/hexagonal bases for supporting fighting Erics (Richeza: Amazon 3@$60)

  • Sayoko: Clarify if Aislyn is going to do Highland Sword Dance

  • Richeza: What is the mask policy going to be? Kelson: "Welcome to WY, nobody cares. No standing mask policy"


  • "A Weekend to Dye For" Non-Event, August 12-14 at Malkin's in Vernal


  • Upcoming Non-Fighting Activities:

    • Bobbin Lace at Lair Night with Mistress Rebecca

  • Making leather belt knife sheaths with Sir Bart


  • Ghengis Khan exhibit in Idaho (through September 2022)

  • TBD Silk Banner making with Sir Bart (summer, 2022)

  • TBD Hat blocking at the costume department at USU (spring/summer, 2022)

Health and Safety Notice

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.  By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.  You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.