As you explore the SCA, there are multiple people that have official jobs to help run the SCA. Below are some of the common local offices that you might interact with.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Lady Shirin al-Shamsi

Deputy - Lady Cheung Mei Wun
Deputy -
Chatelaine Lord Rodrigo de Castilla y Leon
Chronicler Mistress Zalkuubar
Knight Marshal Lord Rodrigo de Castilla y Leon

THL Domnall Lunn "Griff" (Marshal at Large)
Ays Gauster
Minister of Arts and Sciences Mistress Malatesta Simonetti
Minister of Lists THL Michelle of Harris upon York
Minister of Youth Vacant
Rapier Marshal Lady Otilia Vuhs

THL Jaythynn Uros Von bohemia
Marshall at Large- Don Sionainn Padraig, Baron Caimbeul
Seneschal THL Michelle of Harris upon York

Drop Dead Deputy- Master Sionainn Padraig, Baron Caimbeul
Event/ Calendar Deputy- (open),
Spike Pursuivant (Herald) Lady Kamei Sayoko
Thrown Weapons Marshal Andrew of Harris upon York
Web Minister & Social Media Lord Kamei Kojirou Yoshinaga

Social Media Officer - Maîtresse Jaquelinne de Radonvilliers, OL,