This person publishes the group's newsletter and keeps minutes of the business meetings. - This is a required office in the Barony.
Society Name: 
Mistress Zalkuubar
Mundane Name: 
Kari Dowdle
Chronicler: The primary duty of the chronicler is to report the happenings in the barony through “the Gryphon’s Roar”, the official newsletter of the barony. Which is done electronically through the baronial website. The Chronicler will also take notes at events and meetings to give them source material for the newsletters. “The Gryphon’s Roar” must be published, at a minimum, quarterly. As a barony, and as to not let information become stagnant, we should strive to do a bi monthly newsletter. The chronicler will also maintain the archives of the Chronicler’s office & the lists of the positions of honor and officers of the barony. The chronicler will work with the Social Media officer and the Web Minister to ensure information is correct and up to date across all news outlets. Requirements: The office requires that you attend the monthly Althing (Populace/Business Meeting). Attend as many Gryphon’s Lair events as possible. Report monthly to the Seneschal and at least quarterly to the Kingdom Chronicler & Society Archivist. Maintain a Subscribing membership in the SCA during the entirety of the warrant of office (2 years). Have access to a computer and software to electronically publish the newsletter.