Minister of Arts and Sciences

The MoAS is the officer responsible for encouraging and organizing Arts and Sciences activities within the Barony.
Society Name: 
Mistress Malatesta Simonetti
Mundane Name: 
Patience Hallda
-Collaborating with Autocrats to organize Arts and Sciences competitions, displays, and classes at local events -Encouraging artisans to conduct classes and workshops on various arts and sciences topics throughout the year -Encouraging members of the Barony to learn and document new skills -Referring novice artisans to those with expertise in their area of interest who can help them learn -Recommending artisans for recognition to the Baron and Baroness, polling orders, or the King and Queen as appropriate -Collaborating with other officers such as the Chatelain, Herald, and the Baron and Baroness, etc., on incorporating Arts and Sciences with their respective areas of responsibility, e.g. tailoring Arts and Sciences classes specifically to newcomers, organizing classes to encourage heraldic displays at events, incorporating the ideas and wishes of the Baron and Baroness in arts and science activities both at events and throughout the year, etc. -Submitting quarterly reports and event reports to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, and maintaining Baronial Arts and Science files and, Soliciting and training deputies in the practices of the local office to serve the populace and ensure a smooth transition when it is time for the office to change hands.