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Device Persona Name Skills Email
Or, on a bend cotised vert three lions passant palewise Or. Eys Galster Singing, Acting, Fluent in German Language
Fia's Achievement Fiametta da Trastevere Bardic arts, Voice Performance, Court and Voice Heraldry, Garb Construction and research, Various Needle Work, Scribal, Leatherworking, Weaving, Block Printing, If I don't do it, I know someone who does.
Azure, an Oriental dragon rampant sustaining a forked arrow argent Kamei Kojirou Yoshinaga Various types of odoshi, Japanese Armor, Leatherworking, Eastern Katas
Rodrigo Castillo de Leon Leather Working - Shoes, Belts, Armor, Metal working Armor, Sewing, Calligraphy, Fighting
description soon Shirin Shamsi Prounced "shur-een" Pewter Casting, Calligraphy, Illumination, intermediate sewing, gardening-growing herbs, Baking
Per saltire argent semy-de-lys sable and Or, a cross patonce sable, and for augmentation on an inescutcheon overall vert, a fess checky sable and Or between a sun in splendor Or and a decrescent moon argent. Sionainn Padraig Caimbeul Lots, if I don’t do it I can direct you to someone who does. , Current interests: “Viking” life research, Embroidery, Scrolls, Leatherwork.
Zalkuubar Researching for topics and articles for the Baronial Newsletter, Historic Clothing, Mongolian culture, clothing, cuisine, European (especially Italian Renaissance) art, architecture, philosophy, food, history, folklore, legends and myths, natural (plant), fabric dye, paper and Ink Making, card weaving and kumihimo, embroidery and metal work embroidery, leather working, tooling, carving, embossing, Illumination and calligraphy (Gothic & textura quadrata), alternate forms of illumination and scroll variations, "period" mead and liqueurs, and a variety of other things

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